Coastal Diving & Salvage is an underwater services company based in Seattle, Washington. Our divers are commercially certified and have the training and experience to  undertake a variety of projects from smaller, private jobs to large commercial contracts. From private docks and floating homes to large vessels and city piers, Coastal Diving & Salvage has been there.

Coastal Diving & Salvage is a certified Veteran Owned Business and is known for reliability, efficiency, safety, and honesty. Coastal Diving & Salvage is worker owned and operated, so each diver has a personal stake in each job, providing unmatched dedication and giving the customer peace of mind. 

Coastal Diving & Salvage is licensed, bonded and insured, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and our divers are commercially certified by the ACDI in surface supply dive operations,and NAUI for SCUBA operations.